Auto Start Generator Controller for SmartGen MGC120 (AMF)

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Auto Start Generator Controller for SmartGen MGC120 (AMF)

MGC120 Genset Controller belongs to AMF module, which is suit for single petrol genset automation and monitoring control. According to data measuring, it allows auto start/stop genset, alarm protection and ATS switching control functions. The controller fits with LED nixie tube display and button-press operation. Most parameters can be adjusted from the front pannel of controller and all parameters can be changed from PC sofware via LINK port. It is can be widely used in various petrol genset with easy operation, reliable work, compact structure and easy mounting.

1. Collecting single phase voltage of mains and generator, which suit for 50Hz/60Hz AC system.
2. Switchable displayed parameters:
- Mains voltage (V)
- Generator voltage (V)
- Engine cylinder temperature (℃)
- Generator frequency (Hz)
- Battery voltage (V)
- Accumulated running time(H)
3. With mains electricity monitoring and AMF functions;
4. Protection function for generator under/over volt, under/over frequency, low oil pressure, and fail to start protection functions; when in protection, LED indicates alarm, and goes shutdown protection;
5. Using stepper motor and programmable outputs to control air flap (close/open air flap according to the cylinder temperature);
6. Speed signals derive from ignition coil primary (diode need to be in series);
7. Three crank disconnect conditions can be optional (generator frequency, speed, and speed + gen frequency);
8. 2 discrete inputs, which default set as remote start input and low oil pressure input;
9. 3 fixed relay outputs (fuel output, start output and ignition control);
10. 2 programmable transistor outputs, which can be set as common alarm output, ETS control, idle control , preheat control, close GCB output, close MCB output and air flap blocked output;
11. LINK communication port (SmartGen specialized SG72 adapter): via LINK port to realize controller parameter settings, remote monitoring control and firmware upgrade functions.
Nixie tube and LED display with button-press operation;
12. Silicone panel and buttons with a premium performance to working in the extremely high/low temperature;
13. Screen protection adopt hard screen acrylic material;
14. Modular design, anti-flaming ABS plastic enclosure, embedded installation way; compact structure with easy mounting;

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Auto Start Generator Controller for SmartGen MGC120 (AMF)
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